Congregational care shapes relationships; perseveres when life challenges the faith community; devotes itself to the care of the soul; and partners with competent agencies.  Most important, Congregational Care is a ministry of compassionate presence.  In order to effectively care for members of Westside Church of God, the Congregational Care department will focus on the following the goals.

  1. To promote positive adolescent and family development
  2. To enable healing and growth within individuals and their relationships;
  3. To care for members of the church family in crisis
  4. Make referrals to appropriate community agencies;
  5. Provide guidance in decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution

The ministry of Congregational Care has several distinct features that provide direction to comprehensive ministry efforts. The Congregational Care Department, in conjunction with the Diaconate (deacon and deaconess) Ministry Teams, endeavors to provide care and support to families and individuals by following the Lord’s instructions.

Ministry Leader: Rev. Samuel Morgan