WSCOG Discipleship Ministry is designed to assist the Auxiliaries/Ministries of Westside Church of God to address needs and issues to help believers deal with practical concerns that confront them every day of their lives; thus to foster spiritual growth; maturing believers in their walk of faith, equipping them to live transformed lives in Christ, be fruitful and spiritually reproduce disciples of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship is the incredible journey of people discovering who Jesus was through the Bible and who Jesus is as He transforms our lives through the Holy Spirit. God’s Objective is for us to be transformed into the image of Christ. The heart of discipleship is that every person can become a believer and a disciple, growing in the obedience to Christ which results in ethical behavior and Christian ministry.   Discipleship leads to evangelism and changed lives, to righteous and abundant living, to joyful and meaningful service for all who desire it.

The Minister of Discipleship, in collaboration and corroboration with the Auxiliary/Ministry Leaders, help fulfill the Vision “The good news of Jesus Christ transforming individuals, families, communities and our city” and Mission “Equipping believe for divine deployment” statement of Westside Church of God to assure that each ministry offers holistic, comprehensive, relevant, theologically sound, and biblically based discipleship development programs.

Ministry Leader: Rev. Paulette Norris